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Player Characters can be any of the following Races:
Humanity is now a distant step removed from it’s 20th century predecessors. Gene Manipulation has resulted in a reasonably diverse strain of variations. PC’s can hail from any of the following racial groups.

Radical Drift:
Arrakians: Reptilian Humanoid
Minkarans: Animalistic Humanoid
Perseiads: Aquatic Humanoid

Moderate Drift:
Dvergans : High Gravity Adapted
Ethereals : Low Gravity Adapted
Hesperidaens : Zero Gravity Adapted

Minimal Drift:
Logos : Mentally Advanced, Physically Atrophied
Pure-Strains : No Genetic Drift
Vaargans : Physically Superior, Reduced Mentality

Androids : Bio-Mechanical
Neo-Sapiens : Engineered
Synthetics : Mechanical

Species Index

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