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Beyond The Stars: Space is a vast, infinite place. Mankind has taken to the stars and discovered that it is not alone. Our heroes navigate their own path through these stars, carving their own future through the conflicts, politics, and secrets around them. What will their future hold?

BtS is a Campaign Setting that in its finished state will allow players to experience a variety of genres in Science Fiction. A brief summary includes…

Troubleshooters: Whether Mercenaries, Secret Agents, or Special Forces, the PC’s handle tasks and missions beyond what you would consider run-of-the-mill.

Privateers: Legitimate Traders, Smugglers, or outright Pirates, the PC’s will strive to improve their ship as well as themselves, while dealing with fluctuating exchange rates for cargo as well as intrigue and dangerous travel routes.

Stellar Forces: The precarious balance of the various empires has tipped, and now there is War. PC’s will be in command of one or more space vessels and be given missions to defend star systems, invade star systems, as well as defeat enemy ships and fleets as well as other objectives.

Space Explorers: There are many unknowns still in the universe. PC’s will travel to new systems, explore alien ruins, chart unmapped territory and travel through Gates to places previously undiscovered.

Home Page

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